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Hand rolled artisian ice cream


About Us

NatuRoll Creamery is made using a technique popular in Thailand where a cream base is chosen, spread onto a ice pan, mixed with fresh fruit, and other dessert items such as pretzels, cookies, Nutella and much more, rolled and crafted right before your eyes. A description only does so much- come check it out for yourself!



Mon-Thurs: 2 P.M - 9 P.M
Fri:  2 P.M - 10 P.M

Sat:  12 P.M - 10 P.M
Sun: 12 P.M - 8 P.M


Mon-Thurs: 2 P.M - 9 P.M
Fri:  2 P.M - 10 P.M

Sat: 12 P.M - 10 P.M
Sun: 12 P.M - 8 P.M

Hot Chocolate!

Now introducing Naturoll Creamery's house made, hot chocolate. You can get a plain hot chocolate with whipped cream and a toasted marshmallow for only $3.00. Feel free to dress it up to match your favorite rolled ice cream flavors for only $1.00 more!

Specialty Hot Chocolate Flavors!

Monkey Business, Cookie Monster, Sweet and Salty, Cupcake, Banana Berry and Cherry, Peanut Butter Cup, Brownie, Peppermint, S'mores, and monthly specials!



Each month, our talented artists come up with new flavors that reflect the time holidays and time of year. We like to mix up our selection using fresh natural ingredients so there is always something new to try. 

* We also have a vegan and dairy free option so everyone can enjoy!*


SP. 1 Chocolate Covered Banana

SP. 2 Chocolate Covered Strawberry

SP. 3 Raspberry Mocha


   SP.4 Red Velvet Cake



Follow us on Instagram @NatuRollCreamery for our most up to date flavors of the month, news, and weekly shoutouts. Tag your picture of your favorite flavor with #naturollcreamery for a shout out!



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